1. A few tiles fell off in my bathroom, which were installed about 20 years ago. The tile is greenish in color, and I don't know the name of the manufacturer. Can you help me match this up? Do you have this tile in stock?
We receive a large volume of calls with similar questions. Unfortunately, we don't carry tiles that were manufactured prior to the last few years. Mostly all tile companies change their complete lines over a couple of years. Also, it is not possible to match a color over the phone. Each line of tile has its own version of green, red, etc., and has thousands of variations of the same color. Therefore, if your missing tiles are really bothering you, consider redoing your bathroom. To prevent this situation from repeating in the future, don't forget to buy an extra carton of tile and keep it in a safe place.
2. I read on your website that the minimum order is 200 sq ft of tile. I only need 40 sq ft. Can I buy this amount, and how much will I pay for shipping?
This is the most frequently asked question we receive from our customers. There is a solid rationale for our 200 square feet minimum. If you live close to our showroom, or you’ll able to pick up your order, we’ll probably be able to sell a smaller amount. However, if shipping costs are involved, the tile will be too expensive for our customers. Therefore, our advice is to purchase this smaller amount at your local store.
3. I just purchased 400 sq.ft. of tile from one of the Internet flooring stores. Now I need an extra box and 2 decos. Can I order these from your website? The site that sold me the original order claim they no longer have this in stock.
Please refer to previous FAQ regarding orders of less than 200 sq ft. However, if the original order was purchased from our website, we’ll never leave our customers hanging. We’ll do our best to find materials from different sources and find a way to ship to them. To avoid this situation, we advise customers to order sufficient amounts of tile, and remember to account for an extra 7%-10% for cuts.
4. I live in California. I see that your main location is in Philadelphia. I really like your products. Can you ship them to California?
Yes, we have many satisfied customers from California. However, the size of your order (i.e., number of sq ft) plays a large role in this. The larger the order, the cheaper the delivered sq ft of tile. You can calculate the delivered price with the following formula: add shipping costs to the total price of the tile and divide by the sq ft of the order. You can then compare this price with other stores.
5. How do you ship your tiles? Will they arrive in one piece?
We take great care to assure that your tiles will arrive safely, and very rarely have a problem. We use reputable companies, including Roadway Express, UPS, and Pit Ohio. Your shipment is fully insured. For residential deliveries we order lift gate service to help unload the tile onto your driveway, and notify call prior to your delivery.
6. I’m a builder. I need to order 10,000 sq ft of tile. However for now I’ll only order 300 sq ft of tile. Can you give me a “builder’s price” on your items?
Yes, we work with many contractors and builders. If they order large quantities of materials they receive special builder’s prices. However, if you only need 300 sq ft of tile for now, we can only sell this amount using the Internet price. After filling out the necessary documents and verifying your status, for your next order we will honor the builder’s price. If you’d like to speed up this process, please fax your order using your corporate letterhead with the full description of the product and amount you need.
7. We are building an addition to our house and expanding our dining room. I see you carry the exact tile we already have installed in the dining room. I love this tile and do not want to rip up the existing floor. I see you carry this tile. Do I just place an order for the quantity I need to tile the new addition or are there certain things I need to check prior to doing this.
Great question! Because tile can vary from dye lot to dye lot, the shade as well as the caliber of the tile may be slightly different than your original floor.
8. Does Magic Floors charge for shipping tile?
Tile is heavy and fragile therefore it needs to be shipped in a specific manner. Tile must be shipped on a pallet or skid via a truck. In order to ship tile in this manner, professional shipping companies that are insured and whose trucks are equipped with a Lift Gate are hired to deliver tile. The shipping companies charge set rates based on weight, volume, and location of the delivery. Magic Floors charges its customers based on the fees charged by the shipping companies that are hired to deliver tile. Magic Floors does not ship tile for free.
9. How can this be, my delivery is more expensive than the tile I am purchasing?
Unfortunately there is absolutely no correlation between the price of tile and delivery. Under some circumstances the delivery will be more expensive than the tile since even small quantities of field tile must be shipped on a pallet via a professional shipping company. THe shipping companies set their shipping rates, not Magic Floors.