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Invest in vinyl flooring that stands the test of time

Whether you set your mind on remodeling or are planning to acquire some property, it is flooring that should be considered first before you move in. However, one may have a hard time picking the perfect type out of dozens of coverings available today. If you find yourself at a loss, Magic Floors is here to help you make the right decision. We come up with resilient vinyl flooring for sale providing you with a vast range of options from U.S. and overseas suppliers.

For many years, vinyl floor tiles remain the best covering homeowners and contractors can get to ensure durability. Typically, they are used for high-traffic areas in commercial settings and bathrooms in residential properties. Owing to being resilient and water-resistant, vinyl tiles will stand the test of time at any place.

What makes vinyl flooring special?

Even though the range of resilient flooring advantages is wide enough due to the material features, it gets even more extensive with luxury vinyl tiles (also known as LVT). They represent a brand new solution for homeowners and contractors with the following benefits being included:

  • Spectacular appearance
    If you need flooring that looks like natural wood but is more durable, it is luxury vinyl tiles that should be installed. They are designed in many textures, colors, and patterns for any interior style.
  • Easy installation
    Vinyl planks and tiles do not require special equipment and extraordinary skills to be installed. Even so, you can always hire a contractor to get this done flawlessly.
  • Low maintenance
    The vinyl floor surface is designed with an extra wear layer that protects the covering from stains and makes it easy to clean. That is why occasional sweeping and wet mopping are more than enough for caring for this covering.
  • High water resistance
    If installed properly, LVT doesn’t allow water to penetrate into the floor surface. With that in mind, it is the best option for bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, and other areas where excess moisture is expected.
  • Reasonable price
    Unlike natural stone flooring, vinyl coverings will not cost you dozens of dollars per sq. ft. That means you can get the same stunning appearance without paying too much.

Have a look at our selection to find the best flooring

At Magic Floors, you are going to come across lots of affordable vinyl flooring options in different textures and patterns. We offer only top-quality materials supplied by the leading manufacturers in the industry. Browse our catalog to get your home floored superbly!

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