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Add warmth and beauty to your home today! Laminate flooring is sweeping the nation when it comes to durable and inexpensive flooring choices for homes and commercial spaces. Enhance your home or office with the appearance of natural wood at a fraction of the cost. Magic Floors sells top quality laminate flooring planks that offer unique designs in striking colors and finishes.

Laminate flooring is the most affordable method to provide high quality wood look floors that are guaranteed to withstand practically any onslaught from foot traffic, pet accidents, and active children’s mishaps. Installation of laminate plank flooring is fast, easy and costs just a fraction of any other flooring type.

What makes laminate flooring planks so different is how laminate flooring planks are made. There are several layers to laminate flooring planks. The bottom layer is called "backing". It's designed to resist moisture and prevent miss shaping as well as provide stability. The backing layer is meant to float on top of foam underlayment. Above the backing is the inner core. The core is made from high-density fiberboard which is responsible to shock absorption and is the source of the laminate’s durability. Next is the decorative layer. This is where the true to life high-resolution image of wood, stone, metal, or other material appears. The decorative layer is then coated with a resin based overlay which is responsible for scratch resistance, protection from UV rays, burning from accidental spills of ash and embers, and other hazardous agents.

The benefits of laminate flooring planks include scratch resistance, fade resistance, chemical resistance, burn resistance, wear resistance, impact resistance and let’s not forget, laminate flooring planks are environmentally friendly. Dress up your home with laminate flooring planks today!

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