Bruce Wood Flooring
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Bruce Wood Flooring

Bruce Hardwood floors is the most recognized brand in the United States. This well known name in the professional hardwood flooring community is the most recognizable brand by homeowners and homeowners trust this brand. Bruce hardwood floors’ history is long. This brand has existed for more than a century. Bruce Floor planks, Bruce strips and planks are made of solid wood and comes in the standard ¾ inch thickness. Installation is standard nail down. Bruce Hardwood floors are available in various wood species including domestic and exotic hardwoods. Bruce hardwood floors are available in many colors and looks to match any style and decor.

Magic Floors offers one of the best selling Bruce products called Dundee Plank. This line has been credited with the highest customer satisfaction and Magic Floors offers it at the lowest possible price. To ensure you are receiving authentic Bruce floors we recommend you purchase only from authorized dealers such as Magic Floors Inc.. If you are located close to our showroom, please stop in and take a look at our display of Bruce products. We also recommend that the Bruce floors are installed only by licensed and certified contractors to ensure that your floor is installed correctly. This is important to ensure your investment today will last for a lifetime. As anyone in real estate will tell hardwood floors historically add real value to any property. Homes with natural hardwood floors will sell before all the others on the block.

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