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Founded in 1968 by Cav. Lamberto Romani, Ceramica Serenissima S.p.A. is the Group company that specialises in the production and sales of porcelain stoneware flooring for residential use. With the most up-to-date ceramic technology, Serenissima guarantees its customers a high aesthetic and technological appeal. The company produces collections designed to satisfy the needs of markets that focus more and more on sober, functional elegance. Serenissima products spring from creative impulses, certainly, but they are also the product of constant research, through which the company can guarantee its customers surfaces with high technical features, and stand out on the market with its great creative quality and originality in design.Ceramica Cir was established in 1967, and taken over by Serenissima SpA in 1993. Along with Serenissima, it was a founder member of the Group, producing floors and wall tiling in fine glazed porcelain stoneware for residential and commercial premises. Characterized by an unmistakeable style and a wide range of small-size tiles, the company appeals to a young, dynamic client-base, offering quality combining design and excellent technical performance. Constant technological upgrading and continuous aesthetic research are the main features of its production, with which it is ready to meet all the requirements of its target market.

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  • Serenissima Canalgrande

    From the heart of the Apuan Alps comes the high-class elegance of Canalgrande marble, extracted from the prestigious Carrara quarries, to be given a ceramic interpretation and enhanced with a textural strength in a contemporary style. The purity of white flows between the subtle veining of the stone, surrounding the most intense moments of daily living with an atmosphere of timeless refinement.

  • Serenissima Timber tile

    The black shadow was silently invading every corner of Timber City. Thirsting for conquest, the armed forces of evil marched relentlessly forward, ready to banish light forever and confine the human race to total darkness. The world was hurtling towards obscurity; the history of free man was on the verge of eclipse, dissolving like slow, obsessive rain into the waters of the seas. In the meantime, the armies of the night continued to feed on light, burning all the wood, the sole source of life in existence. For days and days, the survivors of Timber City searched, like shadows in the fog, for a glimmer of peace. They were lost within a cruel war initiated by unknown forces, by originators of a new Apocalypse. Only the arrival of an angel, invoked by mankind in its desperation, was able to overcome the colonisation of faceless militias. A celestial creature, it came from elsewhere. Its world knew no evil, and was bathed in the light that Ear they had lost and the life that, little by little, was disappearing. Its breath transformed stone into a wood so strong and resistant it would not burn. Its breeze swept away the ravenous longing that had set Timber City ablaze, bringing back light. The human race was saved, the darkness had been defeated, and a new reign of freedom had begun.

  • Serenissima Urban tile

    Eclectic, metropolitan, elegant and versatile – and naturally inimitable: this is Urban Wood, a porcelain tile collection inspired by wood and available in two large-size 6x24 and 7x46 strips for areas where new interior designs are to be tried out. Five colors and surface textures recalling the veining of high-class woods combine together to create a material with a natural appeal, ready to satisfy the needs of contemporary design in both residential environments and commercial premises.