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    Royal Mosa

    Innovative producer of high-quality products

    Royal Mosa was established in 1883 by Louis Regout, the scion of a famous Maastricht family of industrialists. Over the course of its more than 130-year history, the company developed into an innovative producer of high-quality products. Mosa is ambitious, which has enabled it to generate vigorous growth in sales and profits over the past ten years. Each year, around six million square meters of tiles find their way from the factories in Maastricht to thirty countries on four continents.

    Royal Mosa is able to address customers’ specific requests thanks to its capacity for innovation. The company often collaborates with architects who strive for a personal signature and identity in their designs. To accommodate this demand, Mosa has developed new product lines in recent years to facilitate the production of small series. Architects can even apply to Mosa for the execution of their own designs. Custom work such as this is becoming increasingly important at Mosa.

    Innovation and design

    Attention to innovation and design are important values for Mosa. A staff of ten designers are continuously engaged in the development of new products in the design studio. The company closely collaborates with architects in the execution of custom work. The LED series, Terra XXL, and Mosa Matt Collection have won various international design awards, including the Red Dot Awards, the iF awards, and the Design Plus Award, and have been nominated for the Deutsche Designpreis and the Dutch Design awards.

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