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Design and tech innovation push Rondine Ceramic to challenge new solutions. Our projects and references reflect trends and new style: tile and flooring which are each so unique and charming environment

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  • Rondine Betonage Porcelain Stoneware Tile
    Betonage Tile

    Betonage is the porcelain stoneware covering by Ceramica Rondine that offers a faithful interpretation of the most refined types of concrete, emulating the shades of the raw material. Available in 3 different colours (gris, brune and anthracite) and 2 pressed sizes (60.5x60.5/30.5x60.5), plus a rectified version, these tiles target the eclectic customer seeking alternative solutions with a striking visual effect. This collection rides the wave of the trend to use the simplest, greatest elements of nature on coloured-body porcelain stoneware, and it is perfect for all kinds of design expression. Ideal for use on outdoor surfaces and for modern and minimalist style homes.

  • Rondine Group Eramosa Tile. Eramosa porcelain stoneware collection.
    Eramosa Tile

    A hi-tech interpretation of fine Canadian marble, a noble, sophisticated stone that adds tone and personality to any setting. The common thread running through Eramosa porcelain stoneware collection by Rondine is the delicate pattern created by the fine tobacco-coloured veining characteristic of the marble bearing the same name. The effect is obtained by applying cutting edge digital technology to ceramics. A floor that can enhance both modern architecture and more traditional design, which lends itself to a wide variety of uses, both in the residential and in the public sector. Brown, beige, silver, grey and white are the five shades in the series, available in the following sizes: 30.5x60.5, 30x60 and 15x60. The collection is enriched by a range of decoration options, so that each room in the house can be personalised to taste.

  • Rondine Group GEORGETTE tile

    The ideal tile for elegant, restrained and refined surroundings. Rondine interprets stone producing an elegant porcelain stoneware tile, in 5 different colours: Dark, Light, Taupe, Pearl and Briar. Georgette distinguishes itself for its special grain and for its homogeneity that recalls the geometric pattern of a rich fabric. The available sizes - 30.5x60.5 matt, 30x60 rectified, 15x61 matt and 15x60 rectified - can be embellished by a range of mosaics and decorations that complete and personalise a delightful collection with a powerful impact.

  • Golden Light Tile
    Golden Light Tile

    A ceramic tile that displays the splendour of quartzite. Thanks to the use of state-of-the-art ceramic and digital technology, the timeless elegance of stone is recreated in its many and varied undertones. Golden light floors and coverings come in three different colour options: Multicolor, Grey and White. The sizes available - 30.5x60.5, 34x34, 17x34 and 17x17 - provide further opportunities to personalise space. The collection is further enhanced with a series of decorations and special trims: endless possibilities to personalise every corner of the home and meet the latest demands of contemporary design.

  • Rondine Group naturalia Tile. Cream, Beige, Tobacco, Coffee, Nut and Ash
    Naturalia Tile

    Naturalia draws its inspiration from American walnut floorboards, which have the power to create a warm and cosy atmosphere in any room of the house. This ceramic tile, with its extremely refined glaze transmits a strong tactile feel, giving the surface the appearance of polished wood, produced with the latest, fully pressed, ceramic technology in the innovative 100x15 cm size. 6 perennially fashionable colours - Cream, Beige, Tobacco, Coffee, Nut and Ash - to suit all tastes and furnishing requirements. This floorboard effect transmits warmth and personality to residential or commercial environments, enhancing any style, from the most up-to-the-minute to the traditional or rustic.

  • Rondine Origini Tile

    Color seen as a source of innovative planning, not only an eyes hectic-decorative element, but a combination of censorial and psychological consequences, which opens up new planning innovation scenarios. Both floor and wall porcelain wood look tiles are therefore to be seen as an integral part of home furnishings. This is the spirit on which collaboration with NCS is based, yet a further step forward along a path taken almost two years ago and which involves providing the market with top-quality products at affordable prices, as for Origini collection.

  • Rondine Rust Tile

    These floor and wall tiles are inspired by sheet metal which has been oxidized and corroded by time. A total of 5 inks have been used - including one metallic shade which is unique in the industry – and 28 different designs in the size 45x90, rectified to produce tiles which reflect the charm of 'worn' materials. New trends take shape while new textures create a rectified porcelain tile with a highly contemporary soul.

  • Rondine Salvage Tile brown, honey, musk, red

    A porcelain stoneware collection which places the emphasis on the spirit of salvaging with its innovative 1-metre long size. Salvage stands out for its wide color range as well as for the variety offered by 24 different graphic solutions. The different colors create the look of wood aged by sunlight or inclement weather. Ceramica Rondine has achieved an extremely realistic result thanks to the use of digital technology which transforms a material spontaneously found in nature into a vintage floor tile or a covering ideal for any application or use, ranging from residential and public areas to outdoor environments.

  • Rondine Group veneziano tile retraces the history of Italian architecture.
    Veneziano Tile

    Ceramica Rondine retraces the history of Italian architecture to offer a ceramic tile that recalls the flooring typical of the historical Venetian palazzi. These tiles recreate a variety of patterns and decorations typical of marble terrazzo. Different shades and sizes are explored, providing a wide range of opportunitiesfor personal interpretations. An emblem of pure classicism, this porcelain stoneware lends itself to both internal and external areas, uniting antique and contemporary styles in perfect harmony.