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Ceramiche Refin S.p.A tile company, produces top quality state of the art Italian porcelain tile floor and wall tile for residential and for light commercial spaces. Refin tile offers a wide choice of porcelain tile that resembles wood, stone and concrete. With the help of Design Tale Studio, they are able to provide the of design and architecture community with new tools for unique creative interpretations. Their ongoing commitment to aesthetic research and technological advancement have allowed the company to achieve product and manufacturing excellence, thus reaching higher altitude on the international market. Refin tile makes every effort to understand the needs of its customers in order to assure the quality and safety of their product offerings. In order to accomplish this Ceramiche Refin S.p.A. designs and produces top quality porcelain tiles in Italy, paying close attention to the needs of people, society and the environment.

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  • refin artech tile
    Artech Tile

    HI-TECH REVOLUTION IN CERAMICS.Artech is an innovative collection for elegant, modern interiors such as lofts and showrooms. Its extraordinary LUMINESCENCE allows for the creation of high-tech surfaces very similar to metal, but more DURABLE and easy to maintain. There is a complete choice of indoor MULTI SIZE and outdoor matchable solutions, trim tiles and baseboards for top-class detailed finishing.

  • refin avantgarde tile
    Avantgarde Tile

    A COMPLETE COLLECTION FOR THE HOME A complete collection to satisfy all requirements: from INTERIOR and EXTERIOR FLOORS to KITCHEN and BATHROOM TILES.

  • Refin Baita tile

    Baita was designed to pay homage to the traditional Stube, the rooms with wooden walls and floors typical of homes in the Alpine areas, inside which daily family life would take place. These traditional settings, which still play an important role today in homes and commercial premises in the mountains, are alluded to in the wood-like intertwined patterns that are the distinctive feature of this ceramic collection.

    The particular characteristic of Baita are the color variants it comes in, with each one recalling a different stage in the life cycle of larch wood, which evolves over the years as it ages and is exposed to light.

  • refin cromie tile

    Color as the source of design innovation The Cromie collection is the result of the research into the chromatic component as a key factor of design thinking and it represents a new tool for a strategic use of colors in interior projects. The innovative collection offers a range of 36 chromatic shades organized into 4 families with a logical structure that describes colors in the same way they are seen by the human eye and defines them using three parameters: hue, lightness and saturation.

  • refin design industry tile
    Design Industry Tile

    The Oxyde ceramics evoke the glazed look of oxidized metals combining bright and dark shades. Raw represents the chromatic and structural interpretation of raw cement and flaking plasters. These peculiarities are exalted by the large sizes that enhance graphic traits and allow for the creation of extensive surfaces without interruption.

  • refin eco leader tile
    Eco Leader

    Ceramiche Refin confirms its continued commitment towards the care for the environment with the creation of Eco-Leader, the ceramic tile collection with recycled content.

  • refin graffiti tile
    Graffiti Tile

    Created following meticulous monitoring of industrial areas and metropolitan spaces, Refin has created a new ceramic collection that reinterprets cement in porcelain stoneware, a versatile and excellent material in terms of technical and aesthetic performance. Monochromatic ceramics evoking the hues of raw cement, ranging from grey shades to warmer bright and dark tints, scratched by deliberately irregular marks, for minimal spaces of great visual impact.

  • refin larix wood tile

    The warm appeal of wood combines with the functionality and resistance of porcelain stoneware in the Larix collection, inspired by larch wood and widely used in traditional alpine architecture.

  • refin stone leader tile
    Stone Leader

    The preciousness and elegance of natural stone has been reinterpreted in light of new environmental-friendly developments, thus leading to the creation of the new Stone-leader collection. Stone-leader is made up of more than 40% recycled material and perfectly meets the energy and eco-sustainability criteria set by the LEED certification. Stone-leader by Ceramiche Refin: “design and elegance meet nature”.

  • refin tracce tile

    Past and future, tradition and innovation, history and news: these themes were the basis for the new collection Tracce. The fading fingerprints of abandoned industrial sites, the historical remains of architectural digs are revealed to create an interweaving of layers of materials and overlapping wefts inspired by flaking walls, deteriorating cement and crumbling plaster. The surface of Tracce is at the forefront of design today and express the tell-tale signs on building material ravaged by time, as a testament to the importance of our history as well as the flair for continual creative research.

  • refin wood2 tile

    The warm hints of natural wood scared by the passage of time and of wooden tables gently eroded by the toil of the craftsman are the protagonist of the Wood² collection. Wood is awoken and its uniqueness rediscovered thanks to surfaces that appear to come to life thanks to natural veining and scratches and is available in the unusual square size that exalts its modern mood and highlights the targeted research aimed at creating a product for interior design. Unique and innovative even in the way it is inspired by nature, the Wood² collection gives life to vintage atmospheres in venues of lived-in charm.