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Ragno, a company operating in the worldwide ceramic industry since 1949, offers a wide range of products in line with the trends, styles and consumer tastes, from porcelain to white body ceramics to glass mosaic for floor and wall covering.The Ragno brand is one of the historic protagonists in the growth and success of the Italian ceramic tile industry all over the world. Ragno S.r.l. was incorporated in 1949 and in the ’60s and ‘70s the Ragno brand achieved unrivaled recognition with the production of glazed floor and wall tiles for various segments of the construction industry in Italy and internationally.In the early ‘80s, the introduction of state-of-the-art automated production technologies went hand-in-hand with a redrawing of the sales and marketing strategies with an increasing orientation towards the needs of the customer and the market, leading to development of a broad range of products in line with the consumer’s trends, styles and tastes. In 1989 Ceramiche Ragno S.p.A. was purchased by the Marazzi Group, and further to a merger in January 2006, Ceramiche Ragno S.p.A. was merged into Marazzi Group S.p.A., while retaining its own strength as a commercial brand.The Ragno offering features clearly defined, reliable solutions, with the ability to last over time and yet constantly evolve and renew. Ragno offers a complete, increasingly “specialized” range, which dialogues with the world of architectural design by means of modular, flexible solutions for covering the universe of the home and much, much more.Ragno USA Always leading while learning. This simple, yet wisdom-filled phrase has been the guiding force behind Ragno USA’s remarkable success in the manufacturing of elegant, refined porcelain surfaces.Ragno USA has transferred the technology and know-how from Italy to its state of the art facilities in the USA, providing Italian-inspired porcelain tiles with high-quality and design-savvy styles.Ragno USA has the production capabilities and advanced technologies that produce fully-rectified, digital, color-body porcelain tiles with micro-beveled edges for a precision finish with the highest design and quality.Manufacturer of a wide range of products: porcelain, glazed ceramic, glass mosaics, metals Industry leader in color and design trends in tile and technology 75 distribution warehouse locations across the country to provide superior service Ragno’s state-of-the-art 3d printing technique, using the latest in digital print technology, allows for infinite design capabilities unique to Ragno The research on new styles and production technologies that follow and anticipate the most popular market trends is continuously ongoing, so that any customer who chooses our products can be assured of partnering with a company that will be a market leader for years to come.Ragno USA also recognizes that the continued success of our company relies on the well-being of our employees, our communities and the environment. We are committed to pursuing sustainable solutions to modern business challenges that support and regenerate these key elements.Leading while learning.That’s Ragno USA.

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  • Ragno Boardwalk tile

    Airy lightness and undulating waves come together on large-scale glazed porcelain formats that seamlessly transition from floors to walls, from indoor to outdoor living. BOARDWALK is perfect for contemporary environments, where the classic and the modern blend to form an enchantingly natural atmosphere. Soft, smooth, warm marble shades merge into one another and reproduce the intense beauty and strength of natural stone. Pair the multiple sizes with mosaics, in square and brick patterns, to vastly expand design configurations.

  • Ragno Burgundy tile

    BURGUNDY takes inspiration from nature, recreating warm and shadowed surfaces, mixing the strength and durability of glazed porcelain tile, opening new possibilities for personal and exclusive designer interiors. Finish the space with striking metallic-tinged listellas trims.

  • Ragno Calabria tile

    Three-dimensional textures on structured surfaces combine with the regal shading and clefting of natural slate in large-format, ink jet created square and rectangular modules. CALABRIA's rich color combinations and muddled effects create myriad distinct faces on each color. Well suited for commercial and residential venues, the recycled content contributes to LEED credits and healthy environments.

  • Ragno Cambridge Oak tile
    Cambridge Oak

    Color body porcelain embraces the lifelike look and feel of naturally grained and whorled wood in CAMBRIDGE OAK. It requires a second look, probably even a touch, to be positive that it’s not real wood. Brand new 36” lengths rectified to widths of both 6” and 9” combine with realistic surface graining and color shadings, compliments of 3d digital print technique. The result is the beauty of prominent oak graining with all the benefits of porcelain . . . and none of the maintenance headaches.

  • Ragno Cleftstone tile

    CLEFTSTONE possesses all the timeless beauty and elegance of light-to-dark natural stone shades in a practical new version. The technology of fully vitrified porcelain makes it highly resistant to abrasion from pedestrian traffic, making it the trouble-free solution for residential areas as well as for commercial settings subjected to limited traffic.

  • Ragno Cometstone tile

    COMETSTONE is ideal for commercial and residential environments, replicating the timeless color palette and texture of Durango stone on a high-tech, maintenance-free porcelain body. The revolutionary technological innovations incorporated produce a realistic reproduction of the natural stone look and make the tile well suited to a wide range of environments. An array of sizes and decorative options enables the architect, interior designer or remodeler to create countless personalized layouts, incorporating other materials such as metals, glass and natural stone.

  • Ragno Eternal Limestones tile
    Eternal Limestones

    The beauty and extensive color variations found in natural limestone are reinvented in ETERNAL LIMESTONES. Next-level digital print technology imitates the distinctive intricacies of Crema Europa, Jura Beige and Lagos Blue limestones; clean, rectified edges accommodate narrower grout joints which give the illusion of an uninterrupted honed surface with few visual breaks.

  • Ragno Vesta tile

    The intricacies of 3d digital print technology bring VESTA the look of actual stone to life for today’s living areas. A molten mosaic of interlocking crystals plus bits of pebbles and sand appear to combine in washes of color and texture atop the hard and durable, low life cycle-cost, 21% recycled content porcelain base. The subtle, neutral shadings mesh beautifully with today’s bright splashes of color in settings ranging from contemporary to classic, effectively meeting the needs of designers and homeowners alike.