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Originality and innovation

Established in 1975, Provenza is one of the historic top-of-the-range brands of the Italian ceramics industry.In 1986 it was the first company in the Sassuolo district to present earthenware products interpreted in an innovative manner that owed nothing to imitation. In 1997 it ceased the production of single-fired tiles in favour of vitrified stoneware, which ensured a better technical performance. In 2002 it was the first company to present products developed using double-pressing technology.Provenza’s history is studded with great successes originating from a passion for design, meticulous care for detail and use of state-of-the-art technology.In 2009 Provenza was taken over by Emilceramica Group, with the intention not of incorporating it but of strengthening the values of the brand. Originality and innovation are the values that the Group stresses, as qualities supported by an almost craftsman-like approach to developing products seen to be unique and distinctive, featuring a strong emotional impact, with soft or machined, concrete or evocative surfaces, either inspired by nature or taking design to extremes, but always ahead of market trends.


Provenza decorates prestige buildings, stately homes and houses presented in the most important international magazines. Provenza undoubtedly defines the new frontiers of research and innovation with proposals that represent the excellence of products Made in Italy.

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  • Ceramiche Provenza In Essence (Composto) Tile

    Stone and concrete mixtures, worn and scratched wood. Give in to the seduction of salvaged materials.In-essence is a collection of salvaged materials that are given a second life. Stone and concrete mixtures, worn and scratched wood, signs left by the passage of time and man's hand. When substance lies in the details.

  • Ceramiche Provenza Q-Stone

    Q for Quartzite, Q for Quality. This series has a clear geological inspiration. For Provenza, loveliness is never an end in itself: the elegance, beauty and convenience of a floor covering are just the initial key to a project. Q-Stone arouses emotions and conveys passion: design that nurtures individual personality.

  • Ceramiche Provenza Re-Use Tile

    Two distinct materials bound by the common denominator of reused salvaged material: - reinforced concrete taken from metropolitan industrial contexts - marble salvaged from splendid buildings. Each with its own identity, its own unique charm: discover the attention to detail, discover which personality suits you best.

  • Ceramiche Provenza W-Age Tile

    The wood is cross-cut so that the material’s very essence is visible in the sawn log. The concentric rings left by the passing years find new vigour in living-spaces, in renewed emotions.

  • Ceramiche Provenza Zerodesign Tile

    Pushing back the boundaries to give voice to the pure design of Nature, reproducing it with absolute truth and reality. Sand and its stone of origin are the same thing but occur in Nature with diametrically opposed structures: one soft, the other hard.Sabbia: A sand floor covering, a dream come true. Walking on sand, sinking your feet into the softness. Allowing the grains of this fascinating material, simple yet complex, to flow through your fingers, a source of calm and tranquility.Pietra: The stone from which the sand was formed. The best stones, with a story to tell.