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The story of ceramics told by Panaria

If stories have a beginning, that of Panaria Ceramics begins with an idea that homes have a heart, a soul and a brain. This all has to participate to the construction of every dream.

The story of Panaria is this and more. It moves through the ability to know how adapt the research and innovation in the field of the ceramic production to the living space, that demands a product capably to excite and build your dream home. But these internal and external floor and wall coverings in high quality porcelain and single firing tells a more remote story, that begins with the dawn and the development of that ceramic art that Panaria has never forgotten, electing a starting point for the production of all its products, with an eye always on innovation, that has contributed to the Corporations position as a avant-garde reference within the sector.

Panaria is a reality in constant growth since the industrial establishment’s inauguration in 1974 in Finale Emilia (MO), forefather of the new technology centres of Cavola di Toano (RE) and Fiorano Modenese (MO).

Over the years Panaria has been able to invest in Italy and abroad becoming a name of reference on an international level for all that is associated with the term: tiles, ceramic wall coverings, ceramic floors, porcelain stoneware and ceramic products; nevertheless, without ever betraying on the strong local roots where she was born.

From these convictions, Panaria creates products that can be distinguished for their quality, refinement and originality. In perfect harmony between the aesthetic values in fashion, style, design and functionality. The range of products Panaria combines the ancient ceramic art with the latest trends and offer a specific solution for every type of application, from large commercial surfaces to floors and to residential wall coverings.

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  • Panaria Assi d’Alpe Tile
    Assi d’Alpe

    The details and nuances typical of wood essences of the alpine buildings come back to life in a ceramic surface that portrays the wood's handcrafted process in a contemporary way.

  • Panaria Citylife tile

    Modernity meets elegance in Citylife, a ceramic product of class that unites the desire of well-being with contemporary beauty. A collection with strong urban connotations, ideal for all city-living environments. The project is born with the ambition of creating places in which respect for the environment and the health of persons who live there become priority. All Citylife bases, with exception of the Structured version, have Microban antibacterial protection.

  • Panaria Doghe di Quercia tile
    Doghe di Quercia

    Oak, the most noble tree, lets the spirit of nature come alive. Doghe di Quercia collection evokes this spirit with six shades of a warm and natural character. In the rectified program, you also enjoy the Microban antibacterial protection, alongside a wonderful wood effect.

  • Panaria D•Mansion tile

    Nature plants roots in the soul of the concept of living, inspiring the sense of respect and imitation of human genius. D•Mansion is the opportunity to construct a corner of nature in our homes: Passionate elements to infuse warmth and beauty into our lives. It is an ideal collection for every eco-compatible living space (40% "preconsumer" recycled material content).

  • Panaria Flashback Tile: Grey Stone, Gold Fossil, Brown Petrified, White Ancient

    A current and timeless surface, an ancient sign of nature turning matter into stone.

  • Panaria Headline tile

    By the Italian design comes Headline, a new collection with a modern and refined character. Harmonious graphics, elegant veining and unusual shades to renew the mood of our homes.

  • Panaria Vitalyty Tile: Earth, Wind, Fire

    The exclusive beauty of travertine marble is offered again in glazed enamel stoneware giving naturalness, beauty and warmth to every daily living environment. It is an ideal collection for every eco-compatible living space (40% "preconsumer" recycled material content).