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The story of Fap began in the mid-Sixties, when Fabbrica Artistica Piastrelle in Sassuolo started producing beautiful, quality floor and wall tiles. In 1997, after thirty years of success on markets all over the world, the company joined Gruppo Concorde, one of the major players in the international ceramics sector. The Fap brand later underwent a relaunch, establishing a clear, distinctive positioning vis-à-vis the demands of the market that led to the identification of bathroom wall tiles and residential flooring as the company's core business. New chapters in the Fap story are being written all the time on the walls and floors of numerous homes all over the world: a beautiful, hi-tech ceramic tale of dreams come true. In our designs, we are continually trying to touch base with living styles in order to keep all kinds of different characters happy.


Fap ceramiche's mission is to offer products and solutions able to represent and project onto the bathroom and the home the personality of the people who live there. Fap collections combine the heritage of ceramic tradition with the pursuit of contemporary design. Our aim is to offer a fresh take on ceramic wall coverings every time: Fap ceramiche is an outstanding, top-quality brand able to innovate by offering a balanced mix of the traditional and the modern, of technical quality and a creative touch. With Fap ceramiche products, a dream home is no longer a luxury for the chosen few, but a real opportunity within everyone's reach.

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  • Fap Manhattan tile

    ManhattanSubway-style ceramic wall tiles for kitchens and bathrooms. MANHATTAN lifestyle. Traditional 4x12 subway tiles have never been so trendy as they are now. Nine bright glazes creating unexpected patterns of light across the tile's surface. Ideal as a wall covering for bathrooms but also for living rooms or kitchens, with colors, tiling layouts and textural contrasts creating an extremely metropolitan style.

  • Fap Sole tile

    SoleCeramic wall tiles for bathrooms with floral decorations SOLE Decorative energy. The 25x75 cm size white body wall tiles has all the right ingredients to cater for your every desire. Tiles in splendid colours, fantastic decorations and incredible mosaics, matched by a budget that is utterly reasonable.