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Edimax are sensitive to the protection of the planet and Edimax work through eco-friendly plants, renewable energy sources, controlled emissions and recycle of water and raw materials

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  • edimax nordica tile

    NORDICA The balance suspended between rigor and creativity, the unfussiness of absolute colours, and the elegance of unique surface finishes; three colours with multiple graphics and three sizes, to create designs imbued with the essential nature of contemporary architecture. Perfect for use in both homes and large business areas. Nordica instils designs with a natural, yet sophisticated, refinement.

  • edimax sands series

    SANDS The seductive power of Sands… warm tones blend with sensational shading to create sophisticated finishes. Four colours, selected graphics and elegant veins, make it perfect for residential and commercial interior designs. Natural surfaces: unreflected light brings a soft glow to the room… fingers and eyes find it irresistible. Semi Polished surfaces: elegant texture and differences between one piece and the other heighten the recall to natural stones. Sands, a multi sizes and multigraphics project, can be fixed with very small joints due both to the rectified edges and to the conic shaped edges (TR), enhancing large living spaces and intensifying their beauty and elegance thanks to the deep sensation of visual continuity.

  • edimax slaty tile

    SLATY Through the most advanced technical applications, there comes an accurate and balanced interpretation of the natural slate. Its structure, smooth and evocative to the touch, recalls the scaly structure of the stone. The graphic work, precisely planned in the choice and the matching of the shades and veins, ensures a strong aesthetic impact, sober and realistic.

  • edimax Wood_ker tile

    WOOD_KER Wood_ker offers natural tones to enhance interior and exterior designs, combined with the impact that oversize tiles naturally create. Imbued with such beauty and strength, Wood_ker is ideal for today’s living. Its knots and grains, recreated by the innovative technology employed in its production, make this material a key design element.