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CERAMICHE CAMPOGALLIANO is synonymous of quality Made in Italy, design and aesthetic elegance from over 30 years. Located in Fiorano Modenese was able to interact at the best with the ceramic cluster, creating an indissoluble connection that has allowed to propose innovative materials. All of this has enabled it to become a dynamic company, focused on the needs of the market, on the evolving trends and on the most refined tastes.

Every product by "CERAMICHE CAMPOGALLIANO" is focused on aesthetics and quality, aiming for total satisfaction of the current market trends. This is possible thanks to the wide range of colors, surfaces and formats, making each collection unique and inimitable.The MISSION is to provide the best ceramic material in terms of aesthetics, quality and environmental friendliness. Propose refined collections for several uses and offer concrete solutions is therefore our continued purpose. All of this is possible through continuous investments aimed to offer collections of great personality and refinement.

The attention to details, the aesthetic and technical qualities have ensured that collections by CERAMICHE CAMPOGALLIANO are among the most sought on the international market, as it can satisfy the most refined tastes and requirements.