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Apavisa tile manufacturer makes high quality products for commercial and residential use. Apavisa produces more highly technical products and uses the most advanced technology in their production plants. Apavisa produces three groups of product looks. They are the metal concrete look, stone wood look, and mono-color look.

Apavisa Porcelain produces full body color porcelain rather than glazing tile which is a practice common to most other tile manufacturers. This technology ensures the same composition through body product, reaching highly superior technical future. It offers a high degree of resistance to the mentioned glazed layer. This leads to high quality porcelain tile that does not require a lot of maintenance.

Apavisa tile is one of the most popular tiles in the world and is represented in over 100 countries. Apavisa products are designed to be utilized in the global market and are appropriate and accurate which offers the professional and the consumer confidence for their project needs.