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    Transform your Home into a place you can Enjoy

    At Magic Floors we are excited and always look forward to helping our customers transform their home into a place they can enjoy and feel good in, to create spaces that are both impressive to guests and at the same time comfortable as a place to wind down and get away from the outside stresses. When we assist our customers with interior design we create a space that is unique to them, space that is designed with beauty and functionality in mind, we truly create the space of their dream.

    Our designs start with choosing the right color pallet to go with the space taking into account the style and lighting of the existing structure, considering our customers taste and style, and finally selecting coordinating tile sets and accessories that create focal points such as focal walls, decors and decorative borders. There are numerous design elements to choose and consider.

    When choosing tile it all comes down to preference since tile is available in countless colors sizes and styles. The most popular type of tile for the interior of homes is porcelain tile due to its durability and low maintenance requirements. Porcelain tiles are used for both the wall and floor spaces in homes. Porcelain tiles are man-made in special kilns and come in numerous sizes from small mosaics mounted on a mesh to large slabs. Each size has a particular purpose. For example porcelain mosaics are used as for backsplashes, accent walls, and shower floors, to cover irregular or circular surfaces such as columns. Very small size tiles such as 4x4, 6x6, 3x6 are commonly used for backsplashes and shower walls. Rectangular tiles such as 3x6, 2x8, and 4x12 are called subway tile. Subway tile can be installed in a stacked or staggered fashion. Subway tile can be laid out in a herringbone pattern and framed with a border to create an attractive mural above a stove or range. Sizes such as 12x12, 12x24, and 18x18 are the most versatile sizes since they can be used in a space of any size and any room in the home. The popular choices for tile this size are Marble Look, Metal Look, Terra Cotta Look, and Wood Look. Very large tiles such as 18x36 are usually utilized in large spaces. A supersize tile in a marble look such as Carrara, Calacatta, Statuario, or Crema Marfil are magnificent on walls and floors. A relatively new tile size is commonly called plank style due to its long rectangular size. The planks come in various sizes starting from 6x24 to 10x60 and anything in between. The most common plank size tile is the wood look tile however new styles of plank tile in the stone and concrete look have come out recently. The plank style tile is one of the most popular looks today and it looks like it is here to stay. Plank style wood look tiles have become so alike the real wood planks, oftentimes people mistake it for natural wood. With so many choices many homeowners are feeling overwhelmed when it comes to making design decisions with tile. Since remodeling is meant to transform a space for many years to come it is essential that the correct combinations of tiles are selected. Wondering how to incorporate all those styles and sizes for your custom home? Let’s take a look at two of the most popular areas in the home where tile is used. These areas are also the ones that have the most influence on the resale value of your home – your kitchen and bathrooms.

    The majority of customers request spa like bathrooms that offer rest and relaxation or a classic look bathroom that is timeless.

    The best way to set that tranquil tone to a space is to use tile is soft colors and tones that are found in nature, colors that resemble sand, pebbles, etc. These tiles selected for the spa style bathrooms are usually long rectangular shapes such as 8x20, 10x30, or 12x24, with some kind of a linear theme. This style is called striated. The linear movement in the striated tiles creates a zen like feeling since it creates the aura of watching the horizon and thus helps to clear our minds of clutter. We offer countless choices for striated tile some of which include Brennero Splendida, Pastorelli Tibur, Rondine Eramosa.

    Timeless Bathroom Design

    For the classic and timeless bathroom design we recommend using classical marble look tiles such as Carrara with a white background and grey veins, Calacatta with a white background and a mix of grey and beige veins, or Crema Marfil which is the color of light beige with tiny brown veins. You can find all these tiles on our website. The best sellers in this category are Vallelunga Vintage, Gazzini Marmobianco, Cerim Timeless, and Brennero Carrara. These tiles come in a tremendous variety of sizes and finishes. Homeowners with a contemporary flair that prefer the classic look usually select glossy or polished finishes for their walls. More traditional tastes call for the honed look for the marble look tile walls. To create focal points in the marble look tile bathroom we offer designer accent pieces that are beautiful and high quality. You can purchase decorative mosaic mounted on a sheet and cut it into strips to create unique and custom borders. We recommend Magic Glass tiles which come in a myriad of colors and styles. Magic Glass Tiles are an entire collection of materials such as glass, marble, slate, etc. that have been made into magnificent designer compositions to enhance any décor. On our website Magic Glass Tiles offer technical specifications, indicating whether or not a particular mosaic tile or border is suitable to be used in bathrooms. Depending on the style of the home, popular choices for bathroom floors are matching honed marble look tile, marble look basket weave mosaic, and wood look tile in a herringbone or staggered pattern. For the shower floor with a circular drain only small size tiles mounted on a mesh. Popular choice for such a shower floor include 1x1 or 2x2 mosaics, penny rounds, rounded pebbles, flat or sliced pebbles, or palladiana style flat rock mosaic. Wall niches are created to conveniently store bath essentials such as shampoo and bath gel. The inside of the niches can be decorated with eye catching glass tiles for a touch of bling.

    Tile Design & Styles for Kitchen

    When it comes to kitchens, for the most part the styles that homeowners select are larger format tiles in the wood look, the travertine look or the contemporary look . We recommend using the wood look tile for its heartwarming beauty of real wood, easy care and durability over any other floor covering available today. Magic Floors offers a wide range of porcelain wood look tiles in every price range. There are several wood look styles available for purchase. There is the salvage wood look such as Energie Ker Sequoia, petrified wood look such as the Magica Stonewood, classic wood look such as Vallelunga Tabula, rustic wood look such as Ariana Legend, and contemporary wood look such as La Fabbrica Kauri. Wood look tile is usually installed in a staggered fashion with each tile installed no more than a few inches from the edge of the first. Another tile pattern that is quickly gaining momentum is the herringbone pattern. Some wood look tiles come in the form of parquet tiles that mimic the look of floors in old European castles such as the Versailles Castle. Our best seller in this category is the Settecento Vintage tile with the Baldocer Moncat a close second. For a most realistic travertine look porcelain tile we recommend Panaria D-Mansion and Coem Rapolano tile. When it comes to contemporary look tile Gazzini Trendy is the most versatile porcelain tile to please even the most discerning perfectionist.

    The best way to start your remodeling project is to look for themes and ideas for the finished space. Once the theme is narrowed down look for quality tile and accessories to complete the space. If you have a picture of a bathroom or kitchen that you like, let offer you tile suggestions to make a replica of your dream room. We are always there for you!

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