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Ceramic Tile

Ceramic Tile Sizes, Styles, & Tile Companies



There are so many styles to choose from when it comes to ceramic tile that it can be a real challenge to go out and shop for tile. State of the art technology can now deliver the look of the magnificent hand-crafted artistry common to tile from the 13th to 19th century. Ceramic tile is also no longer thought of merely as a functional, durable material. It is all about fashion, architecture and interior design. We‘ll try to give you some insight into what might fit your specific needs. The most durable of all tile materials are ceramic tile that, when properly installed, last the lifetime of a house. This durability, combined with an incredible array of tile types, colors, patterns, and textures makes tile the material of choice when quality and character are important.





Ceramic tile is made in many different sizes, from 12-inch by 12-inch to tiny mosaic tile.

Having the right amount of material for any project is important. A few simple measurements gets you on the way to a successful tile job. We will discuss the most commonly used ceramic tile: 12x12", 13x13", 16x16" and 18x18". Choosing the correct size to fit your area is simple. If you have a small room, for instance a 10‘X 10‘  (100’) area, we would recommend that you stick to a 12" X 12" or 13" X 13" tile. Be sure to add five percent for breakage, 100’ X .05= 105’.If you use a larger size in a small area, it may tend to appear overwhelming, and you may not get the full overall presence of the tile. In a larger area, the choice is yours.

A simple rule-of-thumb is, the larger the tile, the larger the overall look. This is mainly due to the fact that with a larger tile, you will have fewer grout joints or grout lines. With fewer grout joints, the overall look will be less complex, and will look larger. Another benefit to the fewer grout joints is that there is less grout in general to keep clean.




When it comes to ceramic tile styles, the choices are virtually endless. Even so, there is still a method of shopping for the right style. Just try to imagine what look you want in your home. There are porcelain tiles for walls, floors, countertops, porches and patios. Their strength, low absorption and wide range of styles, colors and finishes make them perfect for almost any application.

Ceramic tile may be either glazed or unglazed. Glazed tiles have very hard, smooth surfaces that reject water and stains. The tiles come in many colors, four finishes and two surfaces that may be smooth or textured.

Unglazed tile is unfinished, so it‘s usually the color of the fired clay or an added pigment. Although it is more scratch-resistant than glazed tile, because it lacks a hard surface finish, it can stain more easily. It‘s generally treated with a sealer or wax for protection. Also the stone look tiles are very popular. There are a lot of stone look tiles, and they usually live up to their name, imitating the natural look of stone. Most have a textured look. There are usually mixes of color in each of the stone-look tiles. However, there are also many available in solid and slightly shaded colors. Many stone look tile also have very rustic edges, with the appearance of having been cracked or hammered.

Most brands of tile include special tile for creating borders and accents. As well as for finishing corners and edges.   Marble medallions are a popular way of jazzing up a foyer or hallway. Many floor tiles have matching border and corner pieces that can be arranged as an area rug to accentuate a dining room or living area. This type of application can make any tile floor more interesting.
The use of
listellos and deco (decorative peaces) can really add pizzazz to bathroom wall tile or kitchen backsplashes. Listellos are a feature strip that is typically at eye level in the bathroom. Deco is decorative pieces intended to replace a single tile. The extra money spent on decorative pieces and listellos will help your home stand out. A bullnose tile is a ceramic tile with a rounded edge. It is used to finish off any area where an unfinished tile edge will be exposed.


Tiles Companies


We’ve compiled descriptions of the ceramic tile companies with whom we work.




The result of the latest investments made by the firm, MagicoGres, represents an important target in our enlargement and modernization. The constant research and the use of the most advanced technologies have permitted us to reach high technological and aesthetical results. 


Magica ceramic tile





Since 1969, the desire to invest in technological research and aesthetic innovation has led to the creation of high quality products. Cerdomus represents more than thirty years of continuous investments, the ability to propose solutions, and constant attention to product differentiation. Cerdomus products are aimed at a world market and are known in Europe, USA, and the East for beauty and quality. In 1979 Cerdomus took the road of innovation, passing from double-fired glazed tile to the more innovative working of single-fired white body. This quest for quality is an act of will which is renewed daily in all phases of the delicate production cycle. Careful selection of raw materials, the search for innovative chromatic solutions, and infinite attention to detail is expressed in the manual part and the craftsmanship of the individual creations. Cerdomus’ continuous innovation (technological, product and service), investments in new structures, resources and people all aim to accomplish one single objective: to communicate the excellence of the Cerdomus trademark.

Cerdomus ceramic tile







Derived from the name of the ancient "Gualdo" of the Romans, Tagina wea established in 1973 in Umbria, green heart of Italy, between Assisi, Gubbio and Gualdo Tadino, lands rich in art and the tradition of ceramics. In fact, as early as 220 BC, the first ceramic tesserae were being used in that area by the Romans to tile the local baths of Tagina. With five adjoining factories covering a total surface area of 85,000 sq.m, Tagina is currently one of the most important industries in Umbria and a famous charismatic world leader from a standpoint of quality and innovation. The 25 members of staff, who in 1973 took the first tile out of the oven, have increased to 430, of whom over 350 are direct employees. The company possesses very modern plants, among the most advanced of the sector. Tagina has an excellent technical and professional staff and an international commercial network that is enviable for the number and professionalism of its partners.

Tagina ceramic tile







Marazzi Tile was founded by Filippo Marazzi in Sassuolo, Italy in 1935. The original plant was constructed on a wooden platform attached to four conveniently located poplar trees. From that humble beginning the company has grown into a global network called the Marazzi Group, the largest producer of glazed and unglazed ceramic tile in the world. The Group consists of 16 manufacturing plants with approximately 4,000 employees that produce and sell over 800 million square feet of tile per year. The Group has always been an innovator, the leader in technology and design rather than the emulator. From Marazzi came the first mass production of multi-colored, patterned tile using the silk-screen process. Marazzi developed and patented the monocottura (single-fired) process that continues to be state-of-the-art technology in the ceramic industry today.

Marazzi ceramic tile






With almost a century of dedication to the production of floors and wall tile, we can say with certainty, we know our business well. Our ceramic tile products are made with high technological rigor, quality and with respect to the environment.

Gaya ceramic tile







P&P is a range of latest generation products by Manifattura Emiliana created using a double-pressing manufacturing process. This process is divided into two distinct stages: a first pressing stage (P), in which the product structure is coloured by multiple loading of the body enriched with top-quality raw materials, and a second pressing stage (P), in which atomized glazes and coloring agents are applied as dry powders or through Rotocolor systems, made up of 10 applicator stations, and then compressed, forcing them into the structure. The body and décor of the product perfectly blend together, and multiple applications of punched and silk-screen patterns overlap to create frequently varied 60x60 slabs. The results: a state-of-the-art ceramic tile product (the best possible graphic and structure results + maximum colors penetration in the body), which is resistant to wear and time, but above all, is surprisingly natural and elegant. P&P products are the homage from Manifattura Emiliana to mankind and nature, to technological innovation and breathless beauty.

Emiliana ceramic tile







Leonardo is Italian manufacturer of fine porcelain stoneware, popular in both commercial and domestic settings. Leonardo produce a wide range of materials in a variety of finishes - from high quality polished porcelain to rustic, stone-effect ranges.

Leonardo ceramic tile





Dal-Tile manufactures, distributes and markets high-quality ceramic tile products. The largest U.S. ceramic tile manufacturer, and one of the largest in the world, Dal-Tile currently operates ten manufacturing facilities in the U.S. and Mexico, and employs over 7,900 persons. The company began operations in 1947, establishing its first glazed wall tile manufacturing facility and corporate headquarters in Dallas, Texas. Since that time, company operations have greatly expanded and now incorporate the manufacture of glazed and unglazed floor tile, glazed and unglazed ceramic mosaics, and unglazed quarry tile. In December 1995, Dal-Tile, then the largest U.S. manufacturer of ceramic tile, acquired American Olean Tile Company, the second largest manufacturer of ceramic tile. Combining the strengths of the two industry giants, Dal-Tile embarked on an aggressive multi-channel distribution strategy in an effort to reach a broad universe of customers.


American Olean Tile







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