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Ceramica Magica SpA was founded in 1983.


After initially positioning and establishing itself on the Italian market, the Magica SpA followed a strategy of constant innovation, in terms of product development and investments in technology, to attain a very high standing on the international market: first and foremost, the North American market, where Ceramica Magica is one of the leading exporters.



Its ongoing R&D, high technology, breadth of range, and innovation have helped create collections that answer many different needs related to home living, bringing together tradition and creativity.



Magica Ambra Tile

Magica Asia Tile

Magica Bloom Tile

Magica Colors Tile

Magica Emilia Tile

Magica Gallery Tile

Magica Giada Tile

Magica Newfoundland Tile

Magica Pacific Tile

Magica Perla Tile

Magica Oceano Tile

Magica Palace Tile

Magica Roma Tile

Magica Vogue Tile

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