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Fondovalle Tile Company's faith in technological innovation has never wavered. Ceramica Fondovalle presented the new digital Ink Jet decoration system with which Stone Print is created. The company manufactures in an eco-friendly tile way rationalizing the use of raw materials and energy sources but always with great attention to innovation. Ceramic Fondovalle also created Light 4 Fusion, a new registered trademark technology that makes it possible to manufacture large, double pressed slabs with multiple loading and colored pastes mixed with each other. Light 4 fusions is also a collection (Tiger Rock Tile) which condenses the strength of a large format and the technical features of traditional porcelain stoneware in just 4.8 mm thickness. Ceramica Fondovalle was the protagonist of new productions alongside the traditional ones, such as the new Murano porcelain stoneware series inspired by glass.


Refurbishment of the paste coloring plants; refurbishment and replacement of previous glazing lines to allow for glazing sizes up to 120x120, with digital and rotocolor decoration lines (including three digital machines). With the double-pressed line Bi+Fusion (Nebula Tile), the company now specializes in large sizes and demonstrating the trust it places in the future it has decided to boost its technology through the changes described earlier. It is with this spirit of renewal that Ceramic Fondovalle tile believes it will be able to take on the challenges of the 21st century.



Fondovalle Arabesque Sale

Fondovalle Arabesque Tile

Fondovalle Esquire

Fondovalle Esquire Tile

Fondovalle Nebula

Fondovalle Nebula Tile

Fondovalle Slate Valley

Fondovalle Slate Valley Tile

Fondovalle Tiger Rock

Fondovalle Tiger Rock Tile

Fondovalle Varana Stone

Fondovalle Varana Stone Tile

Fondovalle Volcano

Fondovalle Volcano Tile

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